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Reunion Photos

We hope you will share your own reunion photos.  Just click on the appropriate reunion below.  Then click on Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here and follow the simple on screen instructions to upload your photos.  You will be able to add more photos to your gallery at any time, so you don't have to load the photos all at once.  All photos you add will be credited to you inside your gallery.

You can download Zips of the photos shared by our classmates and displayed on the screen at our 75th Birthday Party.  Because of file size, the photos have been divided into three Zips, according to the last name of the person who uploaded them:

Abrams - Green     Guarnaccia - Rask     Renert - Zisa

We haven't changed a bit!

50th Reunion Photos
4 Galleries  8/13/21
50th Reunion Photo Booth
155 Photos  10/28/15
2016 Florida Mini-Reunion
7 Photos  2/15/16
2018 Florida Mini-Reunion
1 Gallery  4/29/18
75th Birthday Party
4 Galleries  5/19/22
2023 Florida Mini Reunion
1 Gallery  2/12/23